Downside Buffers

Are You Worried About Market Downturn?

Most investors have two main objectives: try to make money and try not to lose any money along the way. Would you like to downside risk from of a loss? We represent some companies that offer products with downside market preservation strategies with various investment choices and with reasonable fee structures. Do you have a time horizon of at least six years?

Investing With Downside Buffers and The Impact of Large Losses on Your Retirement Timeline

As you can see in the hypothetical chart below, if your assets lost 20% of their value, you would net a total return of 25% to break even. Assuming a 2% compound annual gross rate of return, it could take more than 11 years to make up the loss.


You can view examples provided by AXA, Allianz, and Brighthouse below. You should check out the three links below and then and give us a call.


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